Tuesday, 29 March 2011

almost time...

it's almost time...
not too long...
i'll leave u behind..
then u'll be leaving too..
i won't see u when i'm coming back..
but really hoping to see u...
very soon..
before we both leaving..

wishing u all the best..
with whatever future hold for u..
hopefully u finally found what u been searching..
and live a happy life..

then i'll be missing u..
very much...
like always...

Monday, 14 March 2011

school holiday n ber'dating'

hi guys..
sowie la menyepi diri..
school holiday is here..
so seperti biasa ke'bz'ian melanda warga Skudai RSA..
termasuk la yg tengah menulis blog ni hah..

aku baru keluar dr chiller...
sejuk beb..
rasa beku segala anggota..
harus la mencari sesuatu (read : seseorang) untuk panaskan..

ok bad joke..
biasa la kalau keluar dr chiller..
otak mesti sedikit mereng..
sebab seakan-akan brain freeze..

ohh selain sibuk sebab cuti skolah..
aku pun sibuk ber'dating'..
(tak agak2 guna kosa kata 'dating'..)
dgn bb baru...
bb beroda empat..
name L.E.O..
(tukar nama dr d'F sebab L.E.O mcm ganazz plus manja gtu)
born into family hari Jumaat lepas ; 11-03-11...
jam 15:45...
hah hamek ko.. jgn marah, siap ader time..

and the 'amazing' thing bout L.E.O..
baru 3 hari bersama..
dier dah buat aku 'excersice'...
more when i had bb J for whole 7 years..
padan la muka aku sebab gatal2 amek kaler putih..
padahnya kena la selalu mandikan si L.E.O..
especially selepas hujan...

Monday, 7 March 2011

GLEE-wind: Silly Love Songs

i'm not a fan..
but now i'm falling in love with GLEE.. BIG TIME..
crazy bout them the 1st time i saw Blaine (Darren Chris) singing..
He just so talented..
Sing brilliantly (Shane still no 1, mind u)..
He also can dance..
and when he talked..
just make my heart melt..
alrite, enough bout Darren..

another one who got my attention is PUCK..
*i like him before i even like GLEE*

he's cool..
very cool indeed..
with bad ass attitude..
and cute too..
*this vid clip prove it...*
the kind that mostly girl fall for..
n i almost fall him too..
well, let's say already do when i saw this vid..

check it out..
can't wait for the full episode..
*or is it already been aired??*

*ohh there's Blaine beside Kurt singing at the end..*

moral of the story : bad ass attitude guys sometimes can be too sweet.. (^_^)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

wishing upon the star...

~ fiesta ~
feel the difference..


Thursday, 3 March 2011

older, wiser, hotter, sexier...

i love him more nowadays than da 1st time..
and even after 12 years..
nothing change...
he can still make my heart skip a beat..

*and he is only my imaginary love*
*hoping to give da same attention to R.E.A.L person*
*guys.. aren't u feeling lucky?? LOL*

~ Shane Filan ~
courtesy of Nicky Byrne twitpic