Tuesday, 30 March 2010

coincidence?? or just the way

is it a bloody coincidence??
or just the way i said what i feel??
in my blog..

i'm not intended to write in my blog,
only when i'm feeling down.. (boring stuff yeah)
when my heart ache..
when i can't told people around me what i really felt...
no.. not my intention...
alas, still doing it..
coz it's the only way to let things go...

i'm sad... suck BIG TIME...
see the word BIG TIME???
yeah right...

about what?? i don't bloody know..
shoot me, why don't u people???
(so u don't have to put up with me n my stupid ranting n all)

hurmmm... a lot of stuff happened...
and the 'beautiful' thing bout it...
i didn't even realize..
or acknowledge..
or embrace it well..
or even pay attention..
or maybe...
it just me..
just the way i wanna it pass...

bloody hell...
i know it's never a coincidence...
that i will write when i'm feeling down..
i know now..
that's just the way...
to let me calm down...
before i explode...

Friday, 5 March 2010

scary.. so bloody scary...

after working night shift..
i went back home for some rest..
had some lunch..
then taking few hours nap..

the scary thing happened..
i'm dreaming of my ex..
WT___??? please fill in the blank yerself.. LOL

it's really scary..
after like 10 years..
he just minding around in my dream just like that..

didn't said i hate him or anything..
bad thing happened..
in life.. in relationship..
i just don't want to be remind of him..
just that..
is it too much to ask??

please.. no more...
don't u ever dare to get into my dream again yeah..

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gave It All Away

hi there..
i'm listening to Boyzone new single...
tribute to their lovable friend..
Stephen Gately a.k.a Steo..

suddenly i miss Steo...
before Westlife came along..
before i gave my heart to Shane...
(just bear wif me.. huhuhu)
and became Westlife massive fan..
I am the Boyzone fan..
I am Steo big fan..

eventhough Shane came n stay in my heart since 11 years ago..
there's some space in my heart that always belong to Steo..
and to see his friend miss him.. really miss him..
bring out the tears that i meaning to keep..

so.. enjoy da vid..
R.I.P Steo..
we love ya...

*video cannot be up.. there's error while uploading*
*click da title @ line 3 for the vid*