Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gave It All Away

hi there..
i'm listening to Boyzone new single...
tribute to their lovable friend..
Stephen Gately a.k.a Steo..

suddenly i miss Steo...
before Westlife came along..
before i gave my heart to Shane...
(just bear wif me.. huhuhu)
and became Westlife massive fan..
I am the Boyzone fan..
I am Steo big fan..

eventhough Shane came n stay in my heart since 11 years ago..
there's some space in my heart that always belong to Steo..
and to see his friend miss him.. really miss him..
bring out the tears that i meaning to keep..

so.. enjoy da vid..
R.I.P Steo..
we love ya...

*video cannot be up.. there's error while uploading*
*click da title @ line 3 for the vid*


Myra said...

well it was a really touching vid clip..i did cry a lil while watching it for the 1st time. Steo used to be my fav..fell in love with him when i 1st saw him in " Love me for a reason" the memories..

filanastasia said...

myra : look like we both love the same person eh.. well.. it's kinda weird, both my fave band, from 5 down to 4.. the different, only the way it happened..

Myra said...

well yeah..but im glad both band are still goin on strong with their music.hope they will still be around in yrs to come :)

filanastasia said...

agreed.. i donno what to do if Westlife not around.. other than my family n friends, Westlife the only one can cheer me up in any ways..

Dee said...

I heard the new BZ single too!!
And yes, before WL, I like BZ as well and Stephen is my is Kian (KJ is my nickname for him) when Westlife came out! Saw Ronan's interview in Sydney the other day (didn't even know he is in Sydney) and it was sad coz of course they aren't prepared for Steve's sudden departure... it juz makes you realise life is fragile...

filanastasia said...

dee : thanx for stop by.. yup.. beautiful song indeed.. well looks like we (u, me n Myra) fancy the same guy in BZ.. and me in love with Shane.. since 11 years ago.. LOL

so.. back to Steo.. life is unpredictable.. like Ro's new tattoo for Steo.. Future is unwritten.. and we sure miss him, just like Ro n the other lads..