Thursday, 6 April 2017

New Year New Challenge Same old me

Yup.. the title said it all..
i know it's almost half way thru 2017, maybe i'm a little bit late to rant about what happened early this year.. but who cares.. well, maybe there's some people who cares and still come and visit my humble blog, for that, i can't thank you guys enough.. it does means a lot.. like really really a lot..

so.. what exactly happened in my life right now? of this past month? u wonder..

maybe some of u guys knew that i'm in new league..
no longer in O&G field like some people call it..
i'm taking a breather and change field, for the sake of seeking new challenge..
new challenge my a$#.. hahahaha
oppss, excuse the words, but yeah, let me tell u, new challenge, not pretty sight..
not in this wide range lovely world.. nope, nadaa.. *sigh*

see.. i told u, it's not pretty sight.. make me happier but also more stressful in some term...

let me take a breather again, i continue later yeah.. i'm just tired.. i donno.. i just did..