Thursday, 22 January 2015

let start with simple post.. : weight loss or get lost

weight loss.. or get lost..
that's the only motto i need to have right bout now..
since the vitamin 'M' we like to call which is MALAS = lazy getting bigger and bigger in myself...
there's not much time, to actually lose the weight i want..
but better start than never ait..

two days.. and alhamdulillah the determination still intact..
hopefully i can get through this one week without hitch...
i still remember my ex-Team Leader words when i almost gave up the 1st time i joined #jomkurus..
she said "if u can get thru this 1st week, u can get thru this weight loss program.. the key is never give up"
and indeed.. alhamdulillah i get thru until the end.. even it's only six week program.. it's kind of hell for me who doesn't like exercising and dieting..
but i make lots of good buddy back then...
and that's not bad at all...
they keep me sane..
they did help me get thru this such-hell-yet-intresting weight loss program..
just like my mum who became the biggest cheering person ever..
and she did again now..
so, who me to decide to give up even without trying again...

so good luck fila!!