Sunday, 19 December 2010

gugur jantung...

terhenti sebentar degupan jantung..
apabila tepon kesayangan bedebuk jatuh ke lantai..
mujur le ader 'baju' sebagai perisai...
kalau tak tentu berkecai...

fila.. sila hati2..
tak pasal2 merana nanti...

cik i'P, sila maafkan saya..
bukan sengaja..
kamu mungkin tergegar..
tapi perisai kamu kebal kan..
saya tahu kamu kuat..
bertabah la yer..
*pasrah jek la kamu bila aku jadi tuanmu.. hahahahah*

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

pasrah jek la..

aish... tak baik mengeluh cik fila..
oppssss.. kena isghtifar banyak2 ni..
tapi hidup ni bukan selalu aturannya seperti kehendak kita..
dan sesekali, keluhan itu akan keluar tanpa kita sedar..
nama pun manusia..

tapi kena akui..
dah memang silap aku ler..,
cuti lama2...
tapi tak hengat nak turunkan ilmu yg tak seberapa tuh kat crew...
hah hamek kamu...
tgh2 mlm pun AM tepon suh fax kerja...
dier bukan kira aku ni baru seminggu naek keja ke apa..
oppssss sabar fila.. sabar ok...

nasib badan..
pasrah jek la...

Monday, 16 August 2010

nak iPhone for presie.. boleh??

macbook sudah..
iPod pun sudah..
nak iPhone pulak boleh??
tp nak la di'sponsor'..
as a birthday presie maybe???

Friday, 13 August 2010

salam ramadhan...

salam ramadhan..
untuk semua rakan-rakan...
3rd day baru berkesempatan..
untuk memberikan ucapan..

cewahh.. dah macam pantun pulak...
seriously... all the best..
semoga ramadhan tahun ini diberkati oleh-Nya..
sama-sama kita menghayati bulan mulia ni...

ohh.. it's just only the 3rd day..
and 'ramadhan bug' already here...
it's good for my diet regime...
but i hope it's good enough for meself to survive...

wonder whatever i mean by 'ramadhan bug'??
it's the amount i can consume during sahur...
and today's sahur only ate 3 spoon of rice..
should ate more..
it's the important meal to survive whole day fasting...
darn.. wish i had dates which i can eat..
7 pcs should be enough..
should bring to work later.. for stock keeping.. LOL
so that's it..


Friday, 30 July 2010

beware la bro..

it's amazed me sometimes..
how can one person..
just forgot he/she pumping the fuel..

alrite.. the accident happened..
i know that..
it just playing in my mind..

1st they pumping..
put the nozzle in and wait..
in the meantime, maybe clean the mirror..
then somehow manage to drive off..
and pull the nozzle along..
and than we need to declare it an accident..

and it's really piss me off..
sometimes, that bloody person..
not even said sorry..
i felt like punching the face..
thank God today not the case..
the person said sorry n i accepted it..

another police report on the way..

Monday, 5 July 2010


waiting for the arrival....

tik tok...

tik tok...

tik tok..

Sunday, 6 June 2010

apple.. not the one u eat...

my my...
once u're human...
forever human..
and u won't satisfied with one thing u ever had...
u always want more...
and it's include me..
well.. i'm a bloody human yeah..

so.. after macdee... (he still be the one)
i've got my eyes on other apple stuff..
NO.. NO.. not the one u ate...
not granny smith.. or gala apple.. or whatever...
it's the apple stuff that start with 'i'...

i really want to have at least 2 out of 2...
hahahaha... wishful thinking...
one if really lucky...
if there's suddenly money fall down from the skies..
no problem then...
but, that's the myth create by crazy people...
other than u got it yourself..
or ask others to give it to u...

the iPod touch is the one i will try to have my hand on..
with my own money... Insya-Allah...
but if i ever lucky to have iPod nano or iPod shuffle??
probably not from me...
as an advance birthday presie???

*flipping my not-so-long eyelashes*

well enough said...
*finger cross*

Monday, 17 May 2010

mak & ayah ; kalian guru sebenar..

terlambat atau tdk..
selamat hari guru untuk ayah dan mak...
ucapan ini bukan kerana profesion,..
tetapi kalian adalah guru sebenar dlm kehidupan kami adik beradik..
kalian tidak lelah mengajar kami..
mendidik sepenuh hati...
memberitahu apa yg benar dan salah...
membelai dlm tegas dan kasih sayang..
mengajar kami erti TABAH...
menyediakan kami untuk pentas dunia...
yang tak akan tergagah tanpa kalian...

untuk itu, kami terhutang nyawa...
adek sayang kalian, ibu dan ayah adek...
sayang yang diharap membawa ke syurga..

Saturday, 15 May 2010

me = movie freak?? totally

it's 2.40 am.. and i cannot sleep...
blame it to the coffee.. LOL
alrite.. alrite..
it's not a coffee fault..
i can sleep even just after i had a cup of coffee...
i'm just kinda excited...
i had my lone ranger time tonite...
what a bliss...

yeah yeah... lone ranger... who care???
i do... BIG TIME...
especially when i got to watch movie in my lone ranger slot..
ok.. i do love to have company...
to have my mum.. my cousin...
my friends.. my everyone...
but the lone ranger time is what i'm craving...

after a while...
i realize that movie is one way of my stress release..
*yes.. i got this some stress in some point in my life rite now*
*no big*
i try everything...
everything that i can imagine..
everything that people told me to do...
everyway to cool down my stress...
spiritual... mentally... name it..
no such luck...
and i had this nagging feeling...
keep asking myself to go n watch some movie..
walla... it's work..
i can feel my stress go down the notch...
and my head kinda clear...

so, is it make me a movie freak??
movie bitch???

whichever.... i don't care....
as long i'm happy..
n got approved from my mum...


pst : i've watch ROBIN HOOD, Crowe version... like it very much...
no no... i'm not comparing with Costner verse...
it's unfair to compare...
they got different time n year in making..
they got totally different hero n heroin...
they got different story telling...
n got different everything...
but... what amazed me..
they still got me in same excitement...

love Costner verse... n in love with Crowe verse...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

love in the air?? NOT

love in the air?? NOT

i just had some conversation with my dak chomel..
as usual, she know how i'm feeling rite now...
she said, i'm in a sad mood..
lonely even..
it's not entirely true.. also not entirely wrong..

i do feel lonely...
but i already channel myself to better purpose...
to better things to do with my single life...
i just need time, money n faith... LOL
it will done.. insya-Allah.. if everything goes accordingly..

so.. back to the lonely feeling..
i'm almost 29...
wonder how i will get there??
no boyfriend.. no husband..
not even acquaintance...
but, i know.. maybe my times not arrive yet..
maybe 'the one' still riding the horse...
or stuck in jam..
or even got problem in the airport..
yeah yeah.. me n my pathetic imagination..
but whatever n whenever..
i still have faith..
that one day..
one sweet day..
i'll find 'the one'..

so.. what did make me still hold to that vision???
looking n waiting for 'the one'??
beside my late dad who i look up very highly....
it's my brothers..
they're definitely a good man..
a good n tentative husband...
and a great dad to their kids..

i know..
there's the time they gonna feel upside down..
the problem follow them everywhere...
but hey.. that's marriage.. n that's life...
even then,
they still getting strong with their loving family..

lovely wifey n cutest kids...
and i really hold on to them..
if they can manage the family life they're having now...
i'm sure there will be 'the one' for me...
that's how BIG my faith with my brothers...

i know no one is perfect...
but we can try to make the imperfect pretty perfect..
if there's a will, there's a way..

hopefully they will keep my faith in them..
keep the believe that i hold into them...
keep the respect that i only reserved for them...
be strong to their families...
to their wife n children..
coz, i tell u..
if they don't hold it strongly..
i'm afraid..
my believe to ever find 'the one'..
will vanish into thin air...
my respect for them will be gone..
i'm not joking..
i'm dead serious..
i love them too much to make it like a funny thing..


just wanna say that i hate 'adamaya' now..
well i love the show back then..
now, i'm not even watching...
loath it with my whole life.. LOL

maya are so stupid...
got a lovely husband that is adam,
still want that damn x-boyfriend, dani..
no matter how u love that person..
u already have a great husband n cute kid..
what the hell that she thinking to get divorce and married to her x????

if i ever find the real person like maya in my life..
i gonna shoot her dead.. hahahahhaa
shoot her dead and stamp on her face..
dani was your x-boyfriend..
surely he doesn't meant for you...
that's why u married adam..
so.. get a life n move on..

just my two cents...

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

coincidence?? or just the way

is it a bloody coincidence??
or just the way i said what i feel??
in my blog..

i'm not intended to write in my blog,
only when i'm feeling down.. (boring stuff yeah)
when my heart ache..
when i can't told people around me what i really felt...
no.. not my intention...
alas, still doing it..
coz it's the only way to let things go...

i'm sad... suck BIG TIME...
see the word BIG TIME???
yeah right...

about what?? i don't bloody know..
shoot me, why don't u people???
(so u don't have to put up with me n my stupid ranting n all)

hurmmm... a lot of stuff happened...
and the 'beautiful' thing bout it...
i didn't even realize..
or acknowledge..
or embrace it well..
or even pay attention..
or maybe...
it just me..
just the way i wanna it pass...

bloody hell...
i know it's never a coincidence...
that i will write when i'm feeling down..
i know now..
that's just the way...
to let me calm down...
before i explode...

Friday, 5 March 2010

scary.. so bloody scary...

after working night shift..
i went back home for some rest..
had some lunch..
then taking few hours nap..

the scary thing happened..
i'm dreaming of my ex..
WT___??? please fill in the blank yerself.. LOL

it's really scary..
after like 10 years..
he just minding around in my dream just like that..

didn't said i hate him or anything..
bad thing happened..
in life.. in relationship..
i just don't want to be remind of him..
just that..
is it too much to ask??

please.. no more...
don't u ever dare to get into my dream again yeah..

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Gave It All Away

hi there..
i'm listening to Boyzone new single...
tribute to their lovable friend..
Stephen Gately a.k.a Steo..

suddenly i miss Steo...
before Westlife came along..
before i gave my heart to Shane...
(just bear wif me.. huhuhu)
and became Westlife massive fan..
I am the Boyzone fan..
I am Steo big fan..

eventhough Shane came n stay in my heart since 11 years ago..
there's some space in my heart that always belong to Steo..
and to see his friend miss him.. really miss him..
bring out the tears that i meaning to keep..

so.. enjoy da vid..
R.I.P Steo..
we love ya...

*video cannot be up.. there's error while uploading*
*click da title @ line 3 for the vid*

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

congrats love...

ho yea.. ho yea..

Westlife won Best Irish Pop Act for the 10th year in a row...
@ the annual Irish Meteor Music Awards...
congrats n congrats lads...
u did it again..

here some pict from the award ceremony..
credit to WESTLIFE.GR
*thanx a bunch sweatheart..*

lads with the award

looking good lads

Friday, 19 February 2010

girl can dream..

how did u know if u fall for someone??

the butterflies fluttering around the stomach..?? check
stumbled over the words when see that person?? check
feel the rush of adrenaline through ya body?? check
feel all the blood rushing to ya face?? check
feel your palm sweat for no reason?? check
feet, root to the floor, unmoving?? check
the heartbeat pump so fast u likely pass out?? check
or blushing like mad, when u happened a glimpse of them??? check

well well.. i can list all the checking thing of how we felt when we fall in love..
surprise how i knew those list??
i'm not that daft.. i read.. those romantic novel huh.. *blushing*
but the thing is.. is that all u must felt??
or is it not love, if u don't feel the string pull on yer chest??
is it not normal, to call it love when u not even aware u feel like all the list up there???

it's been a while when I'm actually involve with anyone..
pushing myself in those game..
don't ambush me please..
after all it's my bloody opinion yeah..
after few times heart broken.. i always thought it's just a game.. kind of
coz most of the time.. u just get in and gamble..
look if you survive or fail..
happily ever after if u succeed..
felt like on the funeral when u heart broken..
so... maybe my thought can't be count..
but who cares huh.. *evil laugh*

but.. i also happened to know my heart..
hey,.. four by four, it's my heart we're talking about..
of course i must aware what it's feeling yeah..
stupid me to think otherwise..
(aucchhh.. i pinch my arm now.. to be that stupid.. hahaha)

enough... (no no.. i'm talking to myself.. still laughing)
let see.. i'm not that kind of girl who so romantica d'amour..
not for a while...
but i know i am before..
maybe i just get heartless after few times..
so didn't know exactly how to express myself much..
didn't exactly knew when my heart actually need to open up to someone..
because some people said..
i need to open up..
look at all those open door..
look out for any potential..
yet i can't see any..
not in front of me.. no..
or maybe... i didn't realize it..
that's why at the start of this entry..
i ask..
how u know if u fall for someone..
becoz.. the truth is..
i have no idea..

hurrmm.. a girl can dream yeah..
to finally met her Mr Right..
to finally embrace the feeling to be in love..
i want that feeling too..
but.. most important thing is...
i just want someone who i can be myself with..
someone who will love me for me..
who will understand me when i need my space..
someone who don't care if i snore.. (did i?? hahaha)
someone who will not freak out when i ate sundae chocolate n fries..
someone who doesn't care how i look when i woke up..

someone who still see me as beautiful as i am..
even if i just wear sweatpants n t-shirt..

(i know i'm not pretty or anything.. laugh all u want.. i don't bloody care)
the point is..
i just want someone who will be there..
as my friend.. bestfriend.. rival infact (in a good way)..
a lover n soulmate..
maybe u guys will said
"yeah yeah.. nobody that perfect.. she'll never find one"
and yet again..
a girl just can dream..

Sunday, 14 February 2010

how i wish..

i got this from someone..
Someone i knew..
but too far away....
whom i wish..
to be here.. wif me..
for real..
coz this text..
this dedication..
seem so sweet..
seem so real..
yet it's far from reality...

i was engulfed by the feeling of loneliness when i read this..
yet so thankful for the thought..

and i can't thank u enough...
u know who you're..

miss u much..


If dreams were given to a lonely man
and a lonely man's dreams came true,
I'd force myself to sleep all the time
just so I could dream of you

If wishes were given to a lonely man
and I was given just two,
I'd wish for you to always love me
and the other I'd give to you

If my tears could write a love song
I'd write a love song for you,
It would explain just how I feel inside
and how much I love you too

But, dreams are only dreams
and wishes seldom come true,
My tears can't write a love song,
but when they fall, they fall for you

Thursday, 11 February 2010

my love..

new header in the house..

well.. it is a new header...
i just need a feeling to change something..
and after a mo..
the header actually on the way..

nothing fancy actually..
quite sometime me playing wif photoshop..
the only thing i love doing back then...
look like i'm getting old yeah.. hahahha

so.. new header wif my long love..
my God..
11 years wif this boys.. (almost 12 years...)
who actually turn to be a fine man..
and i thank 'dak Chomel' for that...
she is the one who actually call me to see the 1st vid clip ever...
and from that moment..
the year 1998 as i remembered..
stuck in front of the tv..
and they stuck in my heart forever...

anyone who know me..
actually knew me..
will know how much i love this boys...
this Westlife boys..
so.. it just right to conclude them in something i like...
to put them on my only blog..
to share them wif anyone who actually like them..
and i really don't care if no one like it..
i just do..

so.. for the last time..

my love header is here to stay...


quite sometimes..

oh my God..
sangat lama tidak update blog...
rasanya mcm dah bersawang segala mcm...

well... what can i do..
life kinda hectic at the mo...
with CNY around the corner...
with crew being sick one by one..
i also gonna be sick..

busy.. busy.. busy...
the quote kinda blend wif me somehow...
some of my friend felt neglected..
i'm so sorry dear...
u know who u're..
i'll find time yeah..
we will get together...

have some drink..
do a lot of chit chat...
we will...
just bear wif me for sometimes...

i really miss doing all the stuff when i'm study..
even at the start of my 'career'...
back then..
i kind of have all the time in the world..
i didn't say that i don't like my job now..
i like it.. love it...
it does gave me something to do...
something to look forward to..
to actually forgot what i don't have..
or don't belong...
for having time to sit back.. n chill..
i miss that feeling...

well... that's all for now..
for u guys who wondering if i'm still exist in this world...
i am still here...

until later..