Tuesday, 11 May 2010

love in the air?? NOT

love in the air?? NOT

i just had some conversation with my dak chomel..
as usual, she know how i'm feeling rite now...
she said, i'm in a sad mood..
lonely even..
it's not entirely true.. also not entirely wrong..

i do feel lonely...
but i already channel myself to better purpose...
to better things to do with my single life...
i just need time, money n faith... LOL
it will done.. insya-Allah.. if everything goes accordingly..

so.. back to the lonely feeling..
i'm almost 29...
wonder how i will get there??
no boyfriend.. no husband..
not even acquaintance...
but, i know.. maybe my times not arrive yet..
maybe 'the one' still riding the horse...
or stuck in jam..
or even got problem in the airport..
yeah yeah.. me n my pathetic imagination..
but whatever n whenever..
i still have faith..
that one day..
one sweet day..
i'll find 'the one'..

so.. what did make me still hold to that vision???
looking n waiting for 'the one'??
beside my late dad who i look up very highly....
it's my brothers..
they're definitely a good man..
a good n tentative husband...
and a great dad to their kids..

i know..
there's the time they gonna feel upside down..
the problem follow them everywhere...
but hey.. that's marriage.. n that's life...
even then,
they still getting strong with their loving family..

lovely wifey n cutest kids...
and i really hold on to them..
if they can manage the family life they're having now...
i'm sure there will be 'the one' for me...
that's how BIG my faith with my brothers...

i know no one is perfect...
but we can try to make the imperfect pretty perfect..
if there's a will, there's a way..

hopefully they will keep my faith in them..
keep the believe that i hold into them...
keep the respect that i only reserved for them...
be strong to their families...
to their wife n children..
coz, i tell u..
if they don't hold it strongly..
i'm afraid..
my believe to ever find 'the one'..
will vanish into thin air...
my respect for them will be gone..
i'm not joking..
i'm dead serious..
i love them too much to make it like a funny thing..


just wanna say that i hate 'adamaya' now..
well i love the show back then..
now, i'm not even watching...
loath it with my whole life.. LOL

maya are so stupid...
got a lovely husband that is adam,
still want that damn x-boyfriend, dani..
no matter how u love that person..
u already have a great husband n cute kid..
what the hell that she thinking to get divorce and married to her x????

if i ever find the real person like maya in my life..
i gonna shoot her dead.. hahahahhaa
shoot her dead and stamp on her face..
dani was your x-boyfriend..
surely he doesn't meant for you...
that's why u married adam..
so.. get a life n move on..

just my two cents...


AIN NAZRI said...

betol betol.. kalau ada pompuan mcm maya..eh silap kalau perangai mcm maya tu tak leh panggil pompuan.. kita panggil BETINA.. betina tuh mmg sgt sgt sgt syiaaalllll ok.. entah2 dia bercerai ngan laki dia... pastu dia nak rembat laki org lain..haram jadah punya betina... even LAKI org tu X_BoyFren dia.. eh hellooo.. BETINA tuh dah jadi janda jgnlah nak musnahkan rumah tangga org... huh emosi sgoh aku.. KD, IN REALITY MMG ADA BETINA MCM TUH !

cham's said...

rindu banget ♥

Naz said...

well...in my opinion, memang la apa yg maya buat tu salah dan berdosa.

but then again, dani was her 1st love (kan? coz i'm not sure bout this since i'm not a follower of adamaya). and she was married to adam not on love ground. so i guess there's love for adam in maya, but it lacks passion.

Maya deserved to be tested. What happen to her made her understand the true meaning of life and life. An eye opener. For finally, she learns how to appreciate all.

I believe the moral of the story is never take anything for granted.

I only concentrate on the last episode. I say, it did touched me inside. My heart did melt. :P

hahahaaa..aku buat karangan la?

filanastasia said...

zilla : btul la tuh.. mujur dier sedar.. kalau tak aku hentak pala sorang2.. eh eh emo pulak aku...

well never take anything for granted.. then u'll be grand.. (^_^)

pst : takder hal punya, sekajang karangan pun ok jek..