Thursday, 17 December 2015

Happy Birthday Bro Pocket..

Hah yg ni antara member blog yg masih contact walaupun tak pernah dapat jumpa...
Sebab ramai jugak dah jumpa sebenarnya.. 
Takpe la.. maybe bebila Allah nak bg jumpa, kiter jumpa ek bro..

Nak tag link, mcm tak jumpa dah link blog kamu tu...

pepe pun


moga Allah berkati kamu dan keluarga kamu..
have fun with new age.. 
moga terus kuat untuk getting fit..

#fighting !!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Demam tu pengampun dosa...

Alhamdulillah...Allah bagi demam sikit ja..
So terbantut lagik nak update blog ni dengan skala kekerapan setiap hari...
Harapan tinggal harapan gitu...

Actually memang tak larat tahap dewa...
Semalam dapat MC dan kena neb lagik..
adeh la..
dulu masa muda remaja, Allah dah pinjam kan nikmat sihat..
kadang 2 tahun straight tak sakit..
tapi dah berusia ni.. sekejap sekejap sakit..
Redha jek la ya fila.. kifarah dosa insyaAllah..

ok later kalau dah sihat, sy sambung janji nak kerap update blog tu ya.. sorry...

later lovely..

Sunday, 29 November 2015

new look.. new determination.. new me...


Here we go again.. After few month hiatus.. I'm back.. for good this time...
I'll do my best to work on this blog..
Now i realized, after all this time, when i get back and read the older post, it did makes me smile...
Doesn't matter if it's a sad entry, or the happy one.. both makes me relive the moment..
It's true the memories still alive even after u forget about it for a long time..

So.. for celebrating the new comeback..
I have a new look for my blog.. hope u like it..
It's not as fancy as others.. but hey, i did it myself, well using some clip i found from google.. TQ a bunch anonymous owner.. nonetheless, i can pat my own back.. hell i still know how to use photoshop.. the struggle is real.. hahahah

Shoot.. that's it.. short entry for my comeback..
until later lovely people..
much love.. tq for still reading..

ok ok bye..

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Allah mengingatkan hambaNya dengan pelbagai cara..
Allah mahu kita kembali mengingatiNya..
mahu kita lebih dekat denganNya..
kadang kita alpa..

and i accept that...
i accept that as a challenge..
i accept that i've been doing wrong thing all this long..
that's why Allah 'nudge' me..
so i can get back to my own two feet...
to my own reality...
i've dream too bloody much..
but the thing is..
it's too much to handle...
i'm just this lowly human being..
yes.. my self-esteem kind of down the drain right now...
suddenly i lost my confidence.. i lost my strength..
i don't feel good to just been alive..
i lost my feel for happiness..
i just lost...
tried hard to back on track.. but damn if it's not easy...
and then i realize.. i really do lost hope..
i just wish everything just stop..
i had enough...  

then ramai berkata..

SABAR.. semua ada hikmahnya..
SABAR.. akan ada pelangi di penghujung taufan..
SABAR.. setiap org pelbagai cara ujian yg dtg..

and then i SNAP.. and now i'm the bad guy..

after a while.. i found some quote saying..

IF something goes wrong in your life,
just yell "PLOT TWIST!!" and move on..

the thing is.. i've tried thousand times shouting PLOT TWIST.. but to no avail..

it's not bloody working..
i'm not joking.. it's really not working...

- the end -

Thursday, 22 January 2015

let start with simple post.. : weight loss or get lost

weight loss.. or get lost..
that's the only motto i need to have right bout now..
since the vitamin 'M' we like to call which is MALAS = lazy getting bigger and bigger in myself...
there's not much time, to actually lose the weight i want..
but better start than never ait..

two days.. and alhamdulillah the determination still intact..
hopefully i can get through this one week without hitch...
i still remember my ex-Team Leader words when i almost gave up the 1st time i joined #jomkurus..
she said "if u can get thru this 1st week, u can get thru this weight loss program.. the key is never give up"
and indeed.. alhamdulillah i get thru until the end.. even it's only six week program.. it's kind of hell for me who doesn't like exercising and dieting..
but i make lots of good buddy back then...
and that's not bad at all...
they keep me sane..
they did help me get thru this such-hell-yet-intresting weight loss program..
just like my mum who became the biggest cheering person ever..
and she did again now..
so, who me to decide to give up even without trying again...

so good luck fila!!