Monday, 30 January 2012

UK part 4 : Manchester & Liverpool

hi lovey..
another part of my lone ranger trip..
this time i wanna share my experience..
while in Manchester and Liverpool..
two fave football county in my time..
and they still are..


Roy Keane babeh!!!

The legend : George Best
one n only : Mr Beckham

fine.. say what u want..
one time ago..
i'm this chick who love Manchester United...
and proud of it..
thanx to Mr David Beckham.. *drool*
coz i know someone who still love them..
wearing the t-shirt n so..
i dedicate this to him...
well he doesn't realize i'm exist tho..
such a waste...

next was the picture when i'm in Liverpool..

Liverpool damn cold the day i arrived..
n then i'm famish some more...
thanx God they got this stuff that i can eat..
until later..

The One That Got Away (cover version)

i just loving this version more than original..

hope someday.. someone will dedicate this song to me..
ohh how romantic..

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away



Friday, 27 January 2012

let go.. i want to move on...

you.. yeah you..
seriously.. nobody but you...
oh my.. it's not that Korean chick song...
i'm talking to u..

please go..
far far away from me..
and don't turn around..
don't ever look at me again..
coz i want to let u go n move on..

life kinda suck..
when i'm keep comparing everyone who came with u..
he's not handsome like u..
he's not sweet like u..
he's not open minded like u..
he's too good.. not like u...
oh well.. u're nothing like angel...
but still they're not u..
becoz for me..
u're the one...
the one that keep captured my heart no matter what..

for me to move on..
i need ur help -- to go away..
so i don't have a reminder of u...
just then..
maybe i'll stop comparing anyone with u...


Thursday, 26 January 2012

'Auf Irfan Naufal

this cute little guy is my 'cucu'..
oh my..
30 going to 31 already got grandson???!!
nah.. this my cousin's daughter's son..
name Muhammad 'Auf Irfan Naufal
haishh.. beautiful name but too long..
sorry ibu 'Auf.. hihihi
we make it short n call him 'Auf...
n he will call me nanny D..
errr fila, u want to be glamorous grandma ait??!!
yup.. as always.. hihihi

he born August 13th, 2011
mine is August 17th..
so 'Auf, we can celebrate together yeah...
just u n me...

i heart this little boy very much..
he's not only the gems to the proud parents..
he's also the 1st child in our clique a.k.a diva gojes.. ^_^
he is our own prince charming...

nanny D MySpace 'Auf

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

2012 resolution??

this was the 2012 resolution
the one that i supposed to achieve
well.. u won't call it resolution if u don't want to achieve it right..
bloody right fila...

ok ok.. let's see if i did achieved one of it..
no 1 - so far still maintain.. but too early to say anything...
no 2 , 3 , 4 - in track
no 5 - demm it's doing buggy jumping already.. lol
no 6 - i'm trying... seriously.. *hide*
no 7 - this so seriously insane i can let politician debate it in Parliament.. ^_^
with that say i never get enough sleep except the day i went for 3 days holiday..
no 8 - at the moment i'm happy.. so yeay me..
no 9 - don't want to talk bout it.. hahahaha

so that's it...
the opening entry for year 2012..
will try update it as frequent as i can..

so chows lovely...
heart each one of u who still be here until this moment..