Monday, 30 January 2012

UK part 4 : Manchester & Liverpool

hi lovey..
another part of my lone ranger trip..
this time i wanna share my experience..
while in Manchester and Liverpool..
two fave football county in my time..
and they still are..


Roy Keane babeh!!!

The legend : George Best
one n only : Mr Beckham

fine.. say what u want..
one time ago..
i'm this chick who love Manchester United...
and proud of it..
thanx to Mr David Beckham.. *drool*
coz i know someone who still love them..
wearing the t-shirt n so..
i dedicate this to him...
well he doesn't realize i'm exist tho..
such a waste...

next was the picture when i'm in Liverpool..

Liverpool damn cold the day i arrived..
n then i'm famish some more...
thanx God they got this stuff that i can eat..
until later..


Pocket said...

waahh.. lama sunggoh pocket tak datang sini...
gi UK lah lagii..
ari tu sejenak sebelum long hiatus tu gi maner? russia ker maner?
ohh jeles jeles.. :D

filanastasia said...

pocket.. ni yg ari tu la..yg g tahun lepas tu..

ala.. long hiatus pun takde yg merindu.. sebenarnya ingat nak sambung sampai 2 3 tahun lagik.. tp teringin plak nak menulis.. heheheh

long hiatus sebab real life saya ngengada complicated kan.. weee~~~