Wednesday, 6 January 2016


credit to owner.. the picture is not mine..

Diwale is awesome..
like Super Duper Awesome,,,

Fine.. same old story line..
there's always love.. comedy.. some action.. and more dancing..
still.. hat off to the director, actors and actresses and the crews to provide us with the most entertainment movie to date..
This is personal..
No offense if u don't find it awesome or whatever..

The exact reason i went to watch the movie..
Dating with Mum..
She seem pretty excited when i told her there's new SRK and Kajol movie at the cinema..
And I bet u will find it so fulfilling when u saw her smile after the movie finished..
She like it so much.. you can't describe the feeling when u can make ur Mum smile with simple action..

Then, there's Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan..
did u even need another reason for this???
like seriously??
The best Couple on Screen ever..
and the best friendship off screen too..
22 years of relationship and going strong...
the emotions just spark everywhere..
watch it with your heart..
and u will feel it..

wait.. what?? need another reason?
orait orait..
it's the song and the view in every scene..
i need to put it together..
since the view in the song be made just spectacular...
u really can't denied it..
please go watch #gerua and i bet u won't blink your eyes with the scenery..
as #kakitravel (yup.. traveller when have money only.. hihihi) that's also the reason to watch the movie..
i already draw in my mind, that one day, one sweet day, insyaAllah.. i will go to those place that been shown in the movie...

and the song are such a sweet and nice-to-hear song..
give it a try..
hope u won't be like me who can't move on from this #diwale 'sickness' LOL

and i'm happy this will be 1st post in 2016..
such a heartfelt story / movie to feature on my blog..
i will take it that my 2016 will be awesome like this movie.. aminn insyaAllah..
so until later lovely people...