Friday, 30 August 2013

alhamdulillah.. Aussie trip done...

salamz lovely... it's done.. our single girls trip to Australia done with success..

i'm having the trip as part of my BIRTHDAY gift to myself..

the date was on 21st August until 27th August 2013.. 
and my birthday on 17th.. 
kind of post-birthday present.. hohohoh

there's surely will have some of the moment we want to add but can't do because of time constrain...
nonetheless we're happy with what we achieve...

huh.. hamek ko.. terus fefeeling speaking gitew.. hahahha

ok ok ok...

sajer jek la..
dah lama tak menulis.. surely rasa ntah apa2 kan...
amek mood orang kata..

so meh la kiter jenguk apa yg berlaku pada kami tika berada di Australia ..


the arrival at Sydney Airport.. 

fefeeling depan lodge.. 
we stayed at Springfield Lodge.. *recommended*
best woo....

with Azreen.. geng budak skolah.. hahaha
*sebab dr Malaysia punya tourist ka, org local sana ka, dok kata kami student*

cet.. Kuala Lumpar?? apa daaa

ferry ride to Manly.. sebab 1st day tak tau arah tujuan.. so hentam saja la... hahahha

the beautiful Opera House view from ferry ride

so that's what happened to us on our 1st day on 22nd August 2013...
sesat jgn citer... main taram jek jalan..
but we met few nicest people..
that's keep asking us if we're lost..
and that one Sir who helping us with the direction mark us as STRONG YOUNG WOMEN..
hahaha... padahal hakikatnya kami yg tak biasa jalan jauh dah lepak giler...

the weather so cold we can't hold it without helping from dear jacket, mafla n gloves..
nah.. i didn't wore one.. tak pandai.. 
tu azreen punya keje.. comel jek dia pakai gloves.. hihihih
night time tido rasa nak nanges kesejukan walau ader heater...
sleep with 3 layered duvet.. not helping much..
and we starting to miss Malaysia and the sun.. huhuhuh

23rd August 2013 such a beautiful day.. 
it's our second day.. 
we starting of with going to much waited places...
jeng jeng jeng...


ohh the feeling to take picture with wax celebrity.. hahahah
yes we're poyos but who won't.. 

let's just enjoy the picture n be jealous with us ok.. hihihi

this man waited for our arrival.. poyos?? yup.. hahahh

let's pretend that we knew them.. but to no avail... hahaha

Barrack Obama???

King sangat.... lol

the girl n Gaga

aktiviti wajib bila melancong.. #jakun kot lalala
#coin souvenir

and the list of people is on and on and on.. 
so i'm gonna skip and put the pict that i like..
yeah u heard me right.. 
the one i like.. so please do bear with my choices ok.. 
i know u will.. thanx in advance.. 
u're just too sweet..

si azreen fefeeling manja gitew.. 

ok this is my F.A.V.E among all..
Hugh Jackman a.k.a Wolverine
just wish get to meet the real one...
well one can dreams.... 

looks at the biceps.. 
the muscle reminds me of Kim Jong Kook..
eh tetiba plak masuk nama KJK ni.. 

crazy girl with crazy pose.. 

fefeeling like taking with real one...

#scary much???

nicole.. the one almost like real life figure...

bruce willis uoalls..

the dress so soft n pretty... 
and it's good to hide my big tight.. hahahha

hahaha.. makes me laugh...

and this the end of Madame Tussauds trip..

ok dokie.. 
we continue later ek...
afraid u guys will overdose with the awesomeness picture.. 
*bagi can la nak perasan kan..* 

ok lovely...
until next part...
love u all ketat-ketat

Thursday, 15 August 2013

breath breath breath... Aussie here we come!!

there's another 6.. yes S.I.X days before Aussie trip..
i mean.. 
i'm pretty excited...
even tho my target lost weight not up to par.. 
but i have to be grateful coz i'm still losing it.....
i'm feeling stronger...
which is better for our trip..
n i can wear all my old pretty (like really??!!) blouse n jeans...
jimat duit woiiii!!!!

so.. i hope my dearie friend n companion will be excited as i am..

insyaAllah, there's will be an update when i'm back..

challo babeh...