Thursday, 11 February 2010

my love..

new header in the house..

well.. it is a new header...
i just need a feeling to change something..
and after a mo..
the header actually on the way..

nothing fancy actually..
quite sometime me playing wif photoshop..
the only thing i love doing back then...
look like i'm getting old yeah.. hahahha

so.. new header wif my long love..
my God..
11 years wif this boys.. (almost 12 years...)
who actually turn to be a fine man..
and i thank 'dak Chomel' for that...
she is the one who actually call me to see the 1st vid clip ever...
and from that moment..
the year 1998 as i remembered..
stuck in front of the tv..
and they stuck in my heart forever...

anyone who know me..
actually knew me..
will know how much i love this boys...
this Westlife boys..
so.. it just right to conclude them in something i like...
to put them on my only blog..
to share them wif anyone who actually like them..
and i really don't care if no one like it..
i just do..

so.. for the last time..

my love header is here to stay...



Diya said...

Whoaaa akak peminat westlife rupanya. Huhu. Diya pun suka jugak lagu2 diorang. Banyak yang best2 kan =)

filanastasia said...

diya : me = BIG FAN.. since i ever knew them exist.. heheh.. ha ah kan.. lagu2 dier memang best.. semua boleh layan.. even arwah ayah akak pun ader suka lagu2 dr westlife.. to have someone like arwah ayah yg minat classic like frank, boney M, +++ acknowledge Westlife.. really do make my entire life.. hihihi