Friday, 19 February 2010

girl can dream..

how did u know if u fall for someone??

the butterflies fluttering around the stomach..?? check
stumbled over the words when see that person?? check
feel the rush of adrenaline through ya body?? check
feel all the blood rushing to ya face?? check
feel your palm sweat for no reason?? check
feet, root to the floor, unmoving?? check
the heartbeat pump so fast u likely pass out?? check
or blushing like mad, when u happened a glimpse of them??? check

well well.. i can list all the checking thing of how we felt when we fall in love..
surprise how i knew those list??
i'm not that daft.. i read.. those romantic novel huh.. *blushing*
but the thing is.. is that all u must felt??
or is it not love, if u don't feel the string pull on yer chest??
is it not normal, to call it love when u not even aware u feel like all the list up there???

it's been a while when I'm actually involve with anyone..
pushing myself in those game..
don't ambush me please..
after all it's my bloody opinion yeah..
after few times heart broken.. i always thought it's just a game.. kind of
coz most of the time.. u just get in and gamble..
look if you survive or fail..
happily ever after if u succeed..
felt like on the funeral when u heart broken..
so... maybe my thought can't be count..
but who cares huh.. *evil laugh*

but.. i also happened to know my heart..
hey,.. four by four, it's my heart we're talking about..
of course i must aware what it's feeling yeah..
stupid me to think otherwise..
(aucchhh.. i pinch my arm now.. to be that stupid.. hahaha)

enough... (no no.. i'm talking to myself.. still laughing)
let see.. i'm not that kind of girl who so romantica d'amour..
not for a while...
but i know i am before..
maybe i just get heartless after few times..
so didn't know exactly how to express myself much..
didn't exactly knew when my heart actually need to open up to someone..
because some people said..
i need to open up..
look at all those open door..
look out for any potential..
yet i can't see any..
not in front of me.. no..
or maybe... i didn't realize it..
that's why at the start of this entry..
i ask..
how u know if u fall for someone..
becoz.. the truth is..
i have no idea..

hurrmm.. a girl can dream yeah..
to finally met her Mr Right..
to finally embrace the feeling to be in love..
i want that feeling too..
but.. most important thing is...
i just want someone who i can be myself with..
someone who will love me for me..
who will understand me when i need my space..
someone who don't care if i snore.. (did i?? hahaha)
someone who will not freak out when i ate sundae chocolate n fries..
someone who doesn't care how i look when i woke up..

someone who still see me as beautiful as i am..
even if i just wear sweatpants n t-shirt..

(i know i'm not pretty or anything.. laugh all u want.. i don't bloody care)
the point is..
i just want someone who will be there..
as my friend.. bestfriend.. rival infact (in a good way)..
a lover n soulmate..
maybe u guys will said
"yeah yeah.. nobody that perfect.. she'll never find one"
and yet again..
a girl just can dream..

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Naz said...


Hhmm.. a girl can only dream. Dont fuss over it, Fara. Just go with the flow. And, keep on praying. :).