Friday, 21 October 2011

no WESTLIFE = NO life

20 October 2011 : 01:32am
i'm gutted..
my heart beat just stop one second
*kalau lebih second mati namanya*
well devastated not really a word..
i felt so down..
u name it...
the tears just won't stop..
i just lost for word..

huh.. can't keep track what am saying??

yess dearie..
there will be no WESTLIFE after next 2012 farewell tour...
they're splitting up..
under the amicable reason..


i just had this most amazing time at their concert..
2 concerts..
Belfast n Malaysia..
got to 'chase' the lads at the KLIA airport..
and got respond from Shane..
*yes he answered my question*
at the concert Nicky wave at my camera..
*i'm feeling so damn lucky*
all those thing that i never imagined can happened to me..
i get almost what i ever dream off..
since I fall in love with them year 1998..
and then because of Westlife…
I met all those amazing fans that became my friends..

and than.. BAMM..

it's not that i didn't knew this thing will happen..
it will..
i knew from day one..
but i just didn't imagined it will happened so fast..
so near just after i had a blast time...

oh man... i had enuf crying...
that's why i won't try to go to their last concert...
because i knew i will cry the whole night..
and some more..
no fund meh...

even if i can try n look for other way to go.
think better not..
i want to remember them as a band that gave me happy moment..
that make me laugh along with my friends..
that make me smile no matter what happened..
that help me became stronger when there's a bummer..
and Westlife show me that dreams do come true..

i'm non the wiser..
but i can tell u..
there's the loyalty in me..
bloody hell it's 13 going to 14 years...
if it's not loyalty.. i donno what...

oh MY..
it's so hard...
it's like taking half ur heart n keep it in fridge...
i can't feel anything right now...

now u know why so sudden i'm writing on my blog..
coz i can't face the FB, the twitter..
not even a single song from them...
i just can't...
it will put me in tears...
even changed my wallpaper that i tribute to them..
just hoping i'll find another strength..
need time to let the dust settle..
so i can still love them like i did before..
coz hell.. i know i will..
u can take Westlife out of business,..
but u will never take Westlife from my heart..

Westlife lads.. i wish u well..
hope u find whatever u seek from this heartbreaking split..
LOVE u till the end...
le gra..

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