Wednesday, 16 February 2011

signature.. sana sini sinun..

hari ni terasa seperti celebrity pulok...
dok signature sana sini sinun...
agak teruja occay..
sebab 1st time sign agreement..
ohhh since dah jadi 'celebrity' ni..
kena la ader 'speech' kan..
buat along tersayang..
thanx for the support..
thanx for everything..
u made my dream almost comes true..

done agreement part..
waiting for the item only...
hopefully can get it early next month..
since they can't deliver end of this month..
*finger crossed*


Miss Ieka said...

dear,i nak ur signature, bole??

Encik Shino said...

sign masa nak semak akaun bulanan ke tu..? waaahh

filanastasia said...

dear : nak sign kat man?? cepat2.. hiih

shino : hahah.. takde makna nyer.. sign agreement daa...