Monday, 23 May 2011

UK trip... (Belfast, Ireland)

hi there....
ok ok.. sorry for making u guys waiting..

i'm so bloody busy..
err.. kinda..

here the 1st part of many part...
first and foremost..
Belfast, Ireland..
and the biggest reason i went there..
other than my lone ranger dream trip..

was this one..

Westlife Gravity Tour - 5th April 2011

now let's the picture do the talking for the others yeah...

*since i'm not totally in da mood to write.. S.O.R.R.Y*

this feet gonna go even further..

The HILTON, Belfast

the flower start to bloom

with my new friend a.k.a Westlife's fan from Poland (Magda n Anka)

The Odyssey Arena, Belfast

cute stall in the city centre

PRIMARK, Belfast

there goes the HILTON

with Magda infront of Belfast Hall

hop in hop out bus..

The Big Fish

with Anka at the fish tail.. LOL

love it here..
the atmosphere so in peace..
no chaos no nothing...
the walking around town was so lovely..
except i can't enjoying the food..
and the weather so bloody cold...
definitely wanna come again..


Anonymous said...


sila update lagi ek. :) Enjoy reading your story.. adik

filanastasia said...

adik : will do dearie.. tungguuuu.. heehhe