Sunday, 29 May 2011

UK trip... part 2 (Dublin, Ireland)

hear hear...
fila in the house..
let's get jiggy with it.. LOL

ok.. that's way too much...
i donno what the motive i wrote like that..
to spice up thing a little bit, maybe?? hahahah

orait... let's leave that silly thing behind..
and move with me..
to the journey of my adventure (like - yeah...)

the 1st part that include Belfast, Ireland is up..
now let's continue to the 2nd part..

~ D.U.B.L.I.N ~
dated April 6th, 2011

i love Dublin..
love it.. l.O.v.E it..

ok enough said..
but the truth is i do love Ireland..
1) it's where Shane Filan n Westlife origin
2) they're just lovely country (outside Malaysia)

don't believe me?? go n see urself..
or maybe u can enjoy some of it from my not-so-pro lens..

this feet love to walk - in Dublin.. lol

Dergvale Hotel, Dublin

Zaytoon - Persian Cuisine

thanx to my friend who googling it for me..
i'd walked for one and half hour to find this bloody place..
but it's worth it.. coz they are H.A.L.A.L food..
it's just sandwich since Belfast..

here the food..

they called it 'The Spike'..
so high... and make it so awesome..
and also look so dangerous..
one spot that i would look out if i ever get lost (read : sometimes).. lol

this Sir a very nice man..
so damn friendly..
he talked..
n even advise me to keep safe of my belonging..

so do this girls..
they're so tall even they just in high school..
look how short i am (T___T) *sigh*
and they are so very sweet..
i mean really (look at one of those girl's hand)
big lollipop.. so much sugar gonna make u sweet..

the down under was the picture in W.A.X museum..

that's it for now...
we meet again in next part..
until later...


cham's said...

ala...citer ar lagi, kena ngurat dgn mat salleh tak? hahaha

Pocket said...

uuuiiihhh mak aih la pakcik tekojutnya kamu sampai sana!!
wax statue tu korang kutil kutil kan tak? tahu daaah .. mesti ada yg gataltangan nyer :D

AIN NAZRI said...

best kan.. pasni buat misi lain ye plak...

Pocket said...


filanastasia said...

muahahah.. tak baek tau.. i tak sanggup nakkutil2.. takut terkena jangkitan.. muahaha...