Tuesday, 6 May 2008

CS rebound time..

yesterday nite : misunderstanding with mum...
consequence : sleep on floor (by choice); downstair.. sedey punya pasal..

this morning : go into wrong lane -- what the h**l i'm doing at smart lane??
moral : focus yer mind on the road..

this morning also : wrong parking.. almost get summon.. arghhh
moral : again.. focus babeh... n get yer coupon ready..

that's da most unorganize few moment in my life.. until i let it go with my bro..
just like i always do with my dad... let go n cry.. n cry some more..
consequence : got time off from my bro..

10.30am : drove my bro car's to CS..

10.50am : looking for damn parking..

11.00am : bought Forbidden Kingdom ticket..

11.15am : grab Big Mac n coffee

11.30am : go round da CS like crazy person.. just go round n round..
real reason : looking for jacket, but couldn't find one...

11.50am : the 'greatest' thing happen : my shoes heel broke..
why it greats : got reason to buy new shoes.. shopping time babeh..

12.10pm : with new shoes went to popular... the forbidden place.. huhuhu
why forbidden : will take a lot of time there.. miggle inside popular until 1.15pm

1.30pm : get into da hall n wait for the movie start..

1.40pm : da show begin..

3.15pm : show end.. nice one i tell u..

3.30pm : driving back to station... with more stable feeling n mind..

that's what i did today, thanx for my bro..
n i tell u... da movie n shopping mostly cure da unstable feeling.. n i feel good..
feel kinda down?? gave urself some rebound time n u'll be just fine...

now 6.06pm : back to meself.. da crazy me.. huhu

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