Saturday, 3 May 2008

orchid house

30th april is my off day.. n as a dotting daughter, me myself built an orchid house for my mum.. it's nothing much, the important thing is: it's done.. it's the simplest orchid house one will built but that's what i manage to do.. n all the orchid n other flower wont be under hot sun no more... they got house for themselve.. yippie..

the only regret in me, not using any hand protection while do the cement thing... n it's eating my hand.. urgh.. i had the dried feel on my hand.. need lotion all the time.. so ladies n man.. don't forget to wear something when u do heavy job..

have a nice day...


ChomeleST said...

makcik.. amek laa gambo pondok orkid yer... ish ish ish aku nk tgk gak nie

filanastasia said...

weh.. hang balik nengok sendiri ler.. nanti tak surprise.. huhuhu