Thursday, 1 May 2008

the kablo'ee besday bash

huhu.. the title already told everything.. it's da supposed besday bash for my bro a.k.a our Boss.. ermm this entry should be a few weeks before.. but i just had time to wrote it n all.. what with my bz life n my kinda down feeling..

the date was on 24th april.. we already organize the small besday surprise party for our beloved boss.. well we all love him.. who doesn't... the best boss one ever had.. i'm not byass.. not because he is my bro.. but what i wrote is from the eyes of the employee.. ish ish ish.. what the h**l that i'm babbling..

back to my bro besday bash.. the day going smooth n i'm perfectly sure that the surprise party will going well.. but whenever something almost perfect, there will be the end of it.. my bro came to my house while i'm packing da food.. so no more surprise for the food thingy.. and i told him the truth that we all collect da money to buy food... it's kinda nice coz he actually did ate the food 1st.. n he's so impress with me.. i can cook.. can u believe it.. he said i can cook n he like it.. huhu.. i told him to go and meet me at station.. me n my mum will come later with da food.. what he doesn't know.. we had one more surprise.. the cake.. kinda big one.. that's he really surprise.. and feeling kinda touching too.. he doesn't see that one coming.. thought only had food n pudding.. hey.. it's me; fara.. however the surprise kablo'ee.. i'll make sure there will be another surprise.. n there goes da kablo'ee besday bash for my bro..

see ya next entry...

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