Wednesday, 3 April 2013

UK part 6 : Cardiff

ohhh here here...
what's better to kick off the sleepy eyes ait..

let's continue the journey to another part of the UK...
this time.. make way for CARDIFF!!!

travel to Cardiff 13th-14th April 2011
*it's April now.. even two years part.. just in time to update.. lol*

and the best part..
i've met my dearest pet brother here in Cardiff...
not forgotten his lovely friends who welcomed me like long lost best friend..
to know them was the best part of my UK trip...

day 1st in cardiff.. after the hearty breakfast make by Abgdy..
*which i forgot to take the photo coz i'm so damn hungry.. lol*
we headed to Roath Botanic Park..
the housing model over here so pretty...

got to be model for 1st time since the trip..
been self-portrait for past 11 days.. lol

almost like sakura... bless

look at the flower.. felt like landing anytime soon...

they're quite friendly...

tour of the lake - done!!!

afterwards we went to see Cardiff town.. 
have fun sight seeing n shopping.. 
girl n shopping can't be stop.. hahahah

then heading home for food feast...

for 1st time in UK i had Malaysian food..
homaigooddd.. it's also the best part of the trip..
after 10 days.. i just miss home...

and those lovely new friends know that n together they make some dish for me..

the best lasagna ever...
*it's not Malaysian's food but once u tasted it, u really can't resist*

with the boys... and empty plate.. lol

the second day.. we've been shopping!!!!
always love shopping... *sigh*

with Mawar @Bridgent Factory outlet

with Faiz.. another pet brother..

it's not all mine.. just few.. 
and that's blender.. was a jack pot.. love it so very much...

enjoy like i am???

see ya next!!

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