Wednesday, 3 April 2013

UK part 5 : Birmigham...

Birmigham babeh!!!
i have 8 hours before been transfer to Cardiff from Manchester..
transfer by any means have to wait for the coach meh...
so what we have here in Birmigham??
u don't know? like seriously?
ok ok fine...
come let's enjoy the picture...

the biggest cadbury store i've ever been

had this bunch of time which i wish i didn't
*i can't smell chocolate in our kiosk for few days after back* 
*felt like throwing up every time*

this man a very nice man.. 

the chocolate ball in progress

i love shoes.. but just imagine u hold this n ate.. lol

n yes.. that's all..
the only place i've been in birmigham..

oh oh.. i had a very nice S&M egg sandwich in their train station...

until later love...  

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