Sunday, 22 June 2008

welcoming nurdamia dalilah

morning everyone..

here i like to welcome..
nurdamia dalilah mohd fuad..
a new member of our family..
a cute baby girl..
weight 3.115 kg..
which born on 22nd June 2008..
5.20 am...

to along and kak siti..
to my other nephew n niece..
don't worry..
mak su still love u guys..
just like before..
we only add more love..
not take the love from u all...

cannot wait to hold the real little bundle of joy...


here the pict of damia.. *damia.. i like it*

isn't she cute?? the lips.. kissable lips...


shinO サイフル said...

congrat ar.. :)

filanastasia said...

tq shino.. peace.. hihihi

pHu YinG said...

Kissable? Auwwww~

filanastasia said...

phu ying : hehehe.. semalam baru nengok live.. comei sgt.. tapi takut nak dukung.. kecik n comel..