Friday, 19 December 2008

australia... jackman n kidman..

courtesy of Australia

ok.. i really want to watch this movie..
quite hard to have one movie with prefectly A-lister actor/actress i lurve..
*which can be perfect couple in da movie also*

the most important.. this two are my fave..
which both i really like.. and even lurve..
both are awesome..
*ok ok.. i have lots of A-lister i like*
*but not all the time they can get together in one movie*

so this is a bliss.. ngeh ngeh..
just need to find time to go n watch it..

anyone.. wanna go have some midnite?? huhuhu


goasop said...

tibe2 rase cam best nk lyn cite ni.. =)

Princess Liyana said...

Auw.huhu nak2!smbl angkt tgn.wakaka

yOnnA said...

ish akak ni buat yonna nk tgk je.
nnt akak review ok

filanastasia said...

goasop : jom layan...

princess liyana : please do set da date, ok honey.. huhuhu

yonna : mari kita nengok reramai.. kalau akak dah nengok nanti akak review ok..

Farah said...

huhu.. nak tgk movie ni jugk. ari tu mase g sydney, lalu umah hugh jackman kt bondi. ngeeeeee

filanastasia said...

farah : alahai.. best nya.. sungguh seksi la si jackman ittew.. haahaha