Friday, 13 February 2009

friday the 13th?? huhuh

it's friday the 13th.. whoah.. i just realize it..
well actually i just get back from this one english course.. 1st day ok.. got 2 more days..
it's kinda fun.. but God.. i'm bloody tired..

i really need to attend this course even all i want is going home n sleep..
it doesn't matter if i didn't sleep last nite (i'm working ok..)...
becoz i really felt that my english communication not in par...

and most likely i'm in 'berpantang' state
cannot speak malay.. even broken i need to speak n write in english.. grrr
even if i had a hamster.. i need to talk to them in english.. huhuhuh

so people.. please bear with me if there's a lot of grammatical mistake u'll find here..
and u're welcome to correct it for me..
i won't mind ok.. as long as it for my own good..

so.. u see the photo up there?? just took it a few minutes before..
it's a bored face.. a tension kinda face..
most likely i had that impression for quite sometime..
especially after got this 'something'..
the one that had some connection with this
still.. i need to keep it low.. coz i don't want to think bout it..
maybe i told u guys da exact thing that happened after everything settle..
not promise but insya-Allah..

i'm just hoping that Allah will make those bloody thing...
a little bit easier for me.. insya-Allah,... amenn..


S h i n o said...

sakit tak kalau "broken" tuu

filanastasia said...

s h i n o : ntah ek.. tak pernah tanya plak kat dier samada dier rasa sakit tak.. tp maybe org laen yg dgr rasa sakit kot.. huhuhu

AyAres151 said...

td takde bunyi OMPUTIH pongggg..

filanastasia said...

mr ayares : kang takut terkejut pulak nanti.. takut kater fila demam bagai.. silap aribulan toleh dua kali ilang plak.. alrite then, next time i see u.. u'll hear "OMPUTIH" yeah.. huhuhu

filanastasia said...

owh.. sorry.. i supposed to comment in english yeah.. like i said earlier.. just bear with me.. huhuhu.. chows

Princess Liyana said...

uhuhu..seronokknye g english course..yana plak..lain hehe fhm2 jela..dh tu coursenya..omputih je..diri ni ckp org pth tk gak terror2..huhu

ijechan said...

do i need to comment in english kak.. eyh.. sis fila? ehe. =)

ijechan said...

do i need to comment in english kak.. eyh.. sis fila? ehe. =)

Farah Aminuddin said...

practice makes perfect :)

all the best!

cham's said...

kita dah jwb soalan awak!!! bleh dpt full mark tak?

[ nadia ] said...

woo~ bila ah agaknya nad bukeh bergini

ain janne said...

waaahhhh....leh la jpe shane lps nie..

A t i Q a h said...

Penat minum handred plas ya. Bagus2. :D