Saturday, 9 August 2008

westlife.. my life.. huhuh


hear.. hear... da latest vid from westlife : us against da world..

gosh.. it's quite sometime i've been ignoring my fave band... sorry guys..
i've been busy.. very very busy..

still remember da 1st time i heard this guys singing 'Swear it again'..
i misstook them as a Boyzone... i donno.. i have a thing for a band from irish..
*dak chomel.. remember how excited i am that time???*

and since that 1st time i saw them at ntv7..
i just felt in love with them.. and still are.. mind u..
and my fave guy all the time; Shane Filan...
there.. now u know where i got nick 'filanastasia' huh.. huhuhu
he's da greatest among them..
with da heart melted voice (my dad even agree with me with this fact)..
and the sweetest smile i ever see.. owwhhh...

wanna know how crazy me with them??
my craziness with them can be seen with all da cd's...
not only cd's.. also got dvd's.. single's.. karaoke's (did i spell it rite??)..
and it's all original.. hihihihi...
put their name on my babyJ.. checking the site.. most everyday... mmmmm
all da mag.. da book.. poster... t-shirt (from their concert)...
yesss.. i did attend their concert.. da sweetest memories...
(thanx to acik for the tix.. it's for my besday presie.. hihih )
well let's just say..
i bought just anything with them on it.. hahaha..
and even receive a very big poster from my dear friend 'Mark'..
a lot of mag n stuff from 'Spike' and Mira de Mark..
some book from my dak chomel... and much more la...
a few years back.. it's so easy to find my besday presie..
everyone can even just give me a piece of paper with Westlife on it..
and i'll be completely over da moon.. huhuhu..
it's bad.. so bloody bad.. but that's da happiest time i'll have..
my dad even have some fave from their album.. 'I CRY'..
and i even dedicate "UNBREAKABLE' to him..
da latest song from da band (in that time)...
that became the last song i ever dedicate to him..
just before he passaway.. and i still cry when i heard that song.. until now...

and today the feeling back.. da craziness kinda resurface...
and it's bloody brilliant to hear from them again..
and i'm so proud with them (even some people can't see what good they have)..
alrite.. they do covers.. so what?? others do it also, rite??
and mind u..they did have a lot of good stuff... ok ok..
and also.. even after all this year.. they still manage to be together...

i need to stop rite now before u guys get annoy with me..
coz i can tell story bout them all nite long.. hehehhe..
huh.. we'll let just say.. u can't throw away something that u grow up with..
that's what happened rite now.. even how old i am.. how old they get..
Westlife always be part of my life.. ever...
and guys.. I LOVE YOU...


Princess Liyana said...

huhu.lagu2 westlife memang best kak;)huhu layannnn
Handsome2 jgak!alahai

filanastasia said...

princess liyana : huhuh.. sgt bersetuju ngan statement anda.. hihihih.. terkadang windu kat depa.. depa jek tak tau kiter rindu kat dier.. auchhh...

annaheim said...

sy suke certain lagu jer la..sbb sy jenis yg x brape nak ikut prkmbangan artis,lagu ikut la..hehe..:D

filanastasia said...

annaheim : masing-masing ada minat tersendiri.. akak pun yg fanatik sgt, dulu².. skarang ni nak dgr radio pun time dalam keta jek.. while driving... huhuh