Wednesday, 16 July 2008

he's not worth my tears

"he's not worth your tears sis.. and remember..
it's not 'bout you.. it 'bout his.. his lost.."

that's my bro's phrase..
da only bro that i can tell bout mostly anything..
especially bout my feeling (other than my dak chomel)
and i love him so much..
and i'm sure listened to him in a heart beat..
and i did try to soothe and mend my heart..
"try to open up.." he said..
"forget bout everything..
just ignore n be yourself.."
be a free spirirt (well that's my words)

if it's not hurt too much..
maybe it's going to be easy..
but.. God help me..
it's bloody hurt...
hurt until i think i can't breath...
why oh why..
why must i face all of this..
is it once, or even twice not enough??

someone did told me; and again my bro told me;

"Allah tak akan menguji hambaNya jika Dia tahu hambanya tidak mampu"

but seriously.. i don't think i can hold it much longer..
regardless what everyone told me..
and i just pray that's i'm strong enough to take it all in..
and "hey you.. i'm hurting.. so much.. but i'll be fine.. even without you.."


KEKASIH 'ATOK' said...

be strong girl.. ALLAH terlalu sygkan ko.. tu sbb dia asyik teringat kan ko.. dia uji ko nak tgk tahap keimanan ko dgn dia.. cuba ko tgk org yg tak diuji tuh.. mmg mereka tenang tapi idop mrk kosong jiwa mereka tak tenang.. sekurg2nya ko diberi peluang utk dkt dgn ALLAH.. aku tahu ko mmg kuat..walau luaran u look weak..but from inner side u like me and trust ur self dear... be tough.. just remember that i always beside u...

filanastasia said...

kekasih atok : terharu kerana hang tak pernah bohsan berada disamping ceq.. i love u my dear.. pray for me yeah...

Princess Liyana said...

Dear, be strong ok? Life is full of surprises..we'll never know what we're going to get!

hm. cuba dengar lagu better in time. mesti u suka lyricnya:)

filanastasia said...

princess liyana : thanx hunn.. you're so sweet.. *hugs*